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 During 40 years of teaching I've developed my own system of vocal coaching combining classical & modern techniques and I have plenty of tools to suit all types of voices. I work with actors who wish to improve their voice, professionals who sing classical or popular music, absolute beginners who have never sung a note in their lives and even with people who can’t hold a tone. My special area of expertise is vocal healing & the repair of damaged voices for both singers and speakers. Specific problems could be hoarseness or downright pain during and after singing, running out of breath too quickly, or suddenly not being able to reach notes and other specific technical problems. Spirituality (for want of a better word) has become an increasingly important part of my life and I have been practising Kriya-yoga/meditation for more than 30 years. This has enriched my coaching capacities leading to a more holistic approach, allowing me to provide intuitive insights as to where certain aspects of a student's emotional makeup and psyche are blocking their progress both in their approach to the voice as well as in their personal life. I also make use of astrology and 'personal readings' to help people on their path. Something that I also enjoy very much is teaching piano and coaching pianists who want to learn the skills involved in accompanying singers or instrumentalists.       

60 minute Individual Sessions:

Vocal coaching - €50

Piano lessons - €50

Special rates for children and groups

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