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My teaching method depends entirely on the person, their level of technical skill and needs. After completing my classical training I studied all kinds of techniques including EVTS and later UVS (Universal Voice System) which gave me all kinds of really useful insights concerning which muscles to use in order to avoid constriction of the voice (‘squeezing’) and which muscles to use (or avoid using!) in order to produce the particular sound you want (belting, classical, opera etc). As a result I have been able to create my own ‘fusion’ of classical and modern techniques.



I now have more than 40 years of teaching and learning experiences under my belt which allows me to figure out exactly what works best for myself and others. What works for one person might not work for you and/or me and vice versa. The thing I actually see with students time and time again is the wish/need to make (renewed) contact with their inner selves through singing. Their inability to breathe properly is by and large the biggest obstacle to getting there. Nowadays many people simply don’t know how to breathe in a natural and relaxed fashion and the underlying cause is very often fear, the fear of connecting with (deeper) emotions. And yet that’s exactly what many people yearn for. For these people it's not enough to know how to sing a song technically (melody, rhythm, lyrics, singing loudly or softly etc.) or how to interpret a song according to the composer’s wishes or by copying someone else's interpretation… They want to find out for themselves what emotions they experience while singing a song. Pretend for a moment that you composed this song and the song is about you or about someone you know or about a situation you have encountered. How would you sing it then? I can hear whether or not you’re truly ‘connected’. Many people enjoy being coached in this way because it allows them to reconnect with themselves. They often seem to have lost that ability to connect without realising it. I can help you with that. 


For those who do not necessarily need to make a deeper connection with themselves but are primarily interested in learning how to improve their vocal technique I concentrate on applying all the tools necessary to help them out including my own ‘tricks of the trade’ plus UVS. The Universal Voice System is a teaching system whereby you can learn to use specific muscles (and leave other muscles alone!) for the sound you want to achieve, for instance belting or classical singing, without damaging your voice. I can help you achieve that. Vocal health is considered very important within UVS and it's certainly very important in my studio!



You can definitely come to me with very specific technical problems, such as hoarseness or downright pain during and after singing, or running out of breath way too quickly, or suddenly not being able to reach a certain note. Thanks to everything I’ve learned and experienced over the years I will be more than able to help you out.


I play piano and sight read well which is very handy when people present me with a new song as well as helping in the area of interpretation. It’s also not a problem for me to work with people who can’t read music and/or don’t have a piano at their disposal. I record the melody plus accompaniment and then I mail the mp3-file together with a pdf-file of the sheet music to the student , thus enabling him/her to practice without needing a piano or needing to read music.

I have an extensive musical library at your disposal, ranging from classical music to pop songs. In addition I have a database of all my music so finding songs is a piece of cake. I can make video- and/or audio recordings of the lessons so students can work with these at home.


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